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Terms and Conditions

Effective from March 30th, 2022

HIA grants a warranty for all its foodservice products (products) to the original commercial end-user (client/customer) that HIA’s products will be free from any material defects and workmanship faults.


This warranty is valid for the following period:

- 12 months of parts & labor starting from HIA’s sale to end-user OR

- 18 months of parts & labor starting from HIA’s sale to the dealer, whichever comes first.

VALID WARRANTY For a warranty to be valid:

- Warranty claims must be asserted within the warranty period.

- The warranty applies only to the original commercial end-user and is not transferable

- HIA’s consent is necessary for any transfer of warranty


This warranty does not include or does not apply to:

- Products purchased for purposes other than standard commercial food service.

- Damage resulting from shipping, accident, neglect, improper installation, setup or use.

- Failure to observe operating instructions and/or scheduled maintenance procedures.

- Modification of Products in any way from the original model

- Substitution of parts other than factory authorized parts, unauthorized removal or unauthorized addition of any parts.

- Normal wear and tear.


If any of HIA’s Products contradicts the warranty stated above, HIA is obligated to either repair or replace the Product.


The above-stated warranty is the only warranty provided by HIA. There are no other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. NO modification in this warranty is binding on HIA unless it is documented and signed by an officer of HIA.


HIA will not be liable to the original end-user or any third party for any incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the sale, use or installation of the products, including damages for lost profits, loss of use or labor costs.


Warranty must be issued and authorized in advance by HIA. The original end-user must contact the HIA Technical Service support line at telephone number 1-844-733-4143.The caller must have obtained the Product when the call is placed.

The HIA representative will discuss the issue with the end-user and suggest a service solution over the phone. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, the HIA agent may request the return of the Product to an HIA agent for problem analysis and determination of warranty applicability. The end-user will bear the freight or travel charges of the return of the Product.


If a product is beyond repair, HIA will replace the Product. HIA may request the return of the original Product from the end-user for replacement. If the end-user fails to return the item under discussion promptly, they will be billed for it. HIA will provide free shipping for the return of the requested original Product.

If the issue is not covered by the warranty, the end-user will be charged for the repair services, including all service-related charges, e.g., parts, diagnosis, repair and service agent travel. For this purpose, the service agent will require the credit card or payment/billing information before providing service.


The following information is necessary to process the warranty claim:

- Name and phone number of point of contact

- End-user’s business name and business address

- Item number & serial number

- Date of purchase and proof of purchase (Receipt)

- Name of the dealer where the Product was purchased

- Credit card or payment/billing information

- Description of the product failure

- Claims that do not follow the aforementioned warranty procedures will not be processed.

HIA’s only responsibility will be to repair or replace the defective Product or part without charge for any breach of warranty.


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