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The very idea of HIA comes from a thought that strongly believes that “every work should be done with ease and innovation”. HIA has made the process of cooking food to serving it-both at micro and macro level-a very facilitative one. The cooking of food and presenting it to our valued customers with an elegance in rust-free stainless-steel crockery makes the corner stone of our company.

HIA is not just a name, it is complete ideology which stands on three principles which are incorporated in the abbreviation of its name. HIA stands for Handy, Innovative and Affordable.

 Handy is derived from product accessibility and from an aspect of being user friendly product which is not only oriented for Michelin star chefs but for an everyday household too.

Innovative is attained by investing in our 30 years of R&D to make the product durable, rust free and a user-friendly mechanism to operate each product. It must be according to the customer’s needs and choices.

Affordability derives from the long-lasting durability of our product which gives the consumer the confidence to purchase our products at a fair price point along with our enduring products. 

We have been working on these principles for the last 30 years and are successful enough in achieving the customers satisfaction. We have both our international and national clients who are working with us in direct. The company’s current operations are in the European market having a clientele of high end and niece consumers for over many years. Our specialty which have been innovated after a lot of research are “coffee pot” & “Tea Pot”. These products meant to keep the liquid warm for a longer period of time and made it product of choice. Similarly, our special Champagne Bucket is a very fine product to adds to the beauty of your table and bar.

We have a specialized team of researchers and innovators who are constantly working to bring novelty and ease in cooking so that delicious food can be prepared in a very conducive manner.



Business growth requires the constant explorations of the new markets. The thirty of business and success added to our confidence that we should sale our products in the American market. Moreover, change is always an inevitable thing, we have to change along with the changing demands of the world. In the globalized world, e-commerce has gained importance. So, we are changing our business style as well and trying to develop more direct contact with our valued customers.

Besides, we are also intended to setup our physical retail shops at the accessible places so that people can have more satisfaction and come in direct touch with our product by touching it and feeling its fineness.

The constant growth and confidence of our precious customers have given us more credence that we can go beyond our traditional products and come up with more innovative ideas. In lieu of this our new products related to bed, bath, restaurants, hospitality business, air buses, cruise ships and beyond.


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